About Us

SignOnSite: Changing The Game In Construction

It All Started With An Idea

The founders uncovered a problem. Site management and attendance processes on construction sites were not working. Paper log books were inaccurate and ignored by those on site. What was it they did you’re wondering? They decided to pull together a team of dedicated individuals with varying experience, while working in tandem with those in construction, in an attempt to solve this problem.

So, you’re probably wondering. What exactly is SignOnSite? It’s a site management platform created to aid in safety on construction sites. When a worker shows up on site, they can bypass the line at the sign-in register and get straight to work. You and your management team no longer have to worry about paper systems that clog up your time and office space. Everything you need can be accessed from a web browser. SignOnSite was born out of necessity. It’s replacing the stack of paper with a cloud-based platform that you control. Better yet, a system that you can be comfortable with

Built To Last And Built For You

Since day-dot, there has not been a thing built at SignOnSite without the crew exploring what it is discovering what our clients actually need. You won’t see us throwing out shallow features that provide you with no value. SignOnSite is a company built on discovery and purpose. We see technology as a game-changer in the industry. That is why we’re dedicated to spending our time developing our product, all the while helping our clients reach new feats of productivity and success.

The Crew

The SignOnSite lineup is one of sheer grit and determination. Knowledge and prowess. A team made up of many different skill-sets and personalities, but with a singular goal in mind.

Mitch Harmer

Chief Executive Officer

Krishan Caldwell

Chief Technology Officer

David Peterson


Nicholas Wodzinski

Sales & Account Manager

Matt Whittaker


Mitchell Scott