Evacuations at your fingertips

Add another fail-safe to your evacuation processes with site-wide evacuations, sent to every phone on site. Begin the evacuation from your phone, or from your web browser.

Site evacuations like never before

In the event of an emergency, every second is precious.

From the the SignOnSite app or the Manager’s Panel, you can rapidly evacuate a site from the press of a button. Once an Emergency Evacuation has been triggered, all smartphones using SignOnSite will be alerted, advising everyone to evacuate the site immediately.

Once everyone has been accounted for (you’ll be able to tick off everyone from the app) you’ll be emailed a report that gives you the time of evacuation and a detailed evacuation report.

Easily evacuate a site with a moment's notice.

Have a clear idea of who’s on site during the evacuation and tick them off when they’re safe.

Everyone on site using the SignOnSite app will receive notifications when an Emergency Evacuation has been triggered

Trigger the Evacuation from your Site Manager Panel or SignOnSite app.

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