Sign On All Workers And Visitors Using The SignOnSite Kiosk

For those without a smartphone, Managers can set up a SignOnSite Kiosk on your site so everyone can sign on.

Part of the complete solution to site personnel management

Sometimes a worker won’t have access to a smartphone. Even if they do, a broken phone or a flat battery could prevent your automatic signons from being accurate.

For those individuals without a capable smartphone, there’s a way for them to sign on too. The SignOnSite Kiosk allows visitors to sign on and off each day. They’ll have access to the Daily Briefing and be accounted for in the Site Manager Panel Visitor Register.

If you’d like to set up a Kiosk on your site, you can contact us at

Kiosk can be set up in site office.

Allows visitors and workers without the app to sign in and read the Daily Briefing so that they are informed of all site communication.

Easy-to-use and understand.

Kiosk and stand are available through SignOnSite.

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