Attendance information you can rely on

Know who’s on site and keep accurate records with the Attendance Register. The Attendance Register is a real-time record of personnel on your site and when they left, in case of emergency and for project management. And with automatic sign-ons, it's data you can rely on.

Personnel safety requires nothing short of certainty

Running a site with personnel coming and going is hard work. Reviewing the visitor logbook every day takes time and effort that you don’t have. And knowing when and if you can rely on that information adds a layer of uncertainty that you don’t need.

SignOnSite offers you a clear view of the activity on your site. You can find the information you need at any given time, and have an accurate list of site attendees if ever an evacuation was to take place. Most importantly, The Attendance Register is automatically updated with sign ins and sign outs, so you can keep track and take control.

Automate your Attendance Register.

Break down your attendance records by day and make smarter project decisions.

Know who’s on site and who was on site at any given point.

Break down attendance by company, time and more.

A real-time list of those on site in the event of an emergency.

Access your attendance register instantly, wherever you are

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